Automated, Continuously Integrated

Raindance Wu

Fully Integrated

Available out of the box, our fully integrated multivendor toolchain allows you to keep your organization focused on the creation of value flowing through your continuously automated pipeline.

NoOps? Try NoOpex

Keep your toolchain patched, integrated, and secure. Designed with built-in autoscaling, it has never been easier to ensure the appropriate capacity is available for the needs of your enterprise.


Locally deploy and manage your continuously automated toolchain even in remote environments. Limited Ops team? Wu is available as a SaaS offering with operations support as a service.

Streamline your pipeline

Wu delivers fully automated, multi-vendor CI/CD pipelines 10x faster than is possible today

The process of simply building a pipeline – building the integrations for solutions and then maintaining these solutions as well as the integrations between each can be incredibly time-consuming. And what about best practices, governance, and auditability end-to-end across the CI/CD pipeline? Today’s enterprise spends far more time building and maintaining a CI/CD pipeline than they do actually leveraging that pipeline to deliver value back to the business and its customers.

Delivering fully automated CI/CD to the enterprise today is a challenge: There are cultural and organizational considerations to be made as well as process considerations. Additionally, the DevOps ecosystem is incredibly diverse; multiple vendors with overlapping tools, many of which were never designed to work with one another.

A typical DevOps environment
A typical DevOps environment

True CI/CD forged in the crucible of complex enterprise environments

Built by a team of experts that have worked on automation in development and operations very large, complex environments for over 20 years, Wu is a vendor agnostic solution designed to immediately deliver true CI/CD pipelines leveraging industry best practices and the underlying toolchain of YOUR choosing. Wu removes the burden of pipeline creation and toolchain management leaving your team to concern itself only with the artifacts, i.e. your applications and your infrastructure components flowing through the pipeline. And there is no lock-in of any kind. Need to move from one configuration management tool to another?

DevOps with Wu

With Wu it’s a simple change.

You never need to get under the hood on any of your toolchain components.

Imagine how much time and effort your organization can save if your entire toolchain is deployed, integrated, maintained, and managed by Wu. Whether you want to deploy in a private cloud on virtual machines or put containerized apps in the public cloud Wu can do it.

In addition to completely unburdening organizations from having to create and maintain a CI/CD pipeline, IT leaders benefit from the end-to-end auditability and governance provided by Wu. Release managers benefit from bi-directional communication of versioning changes up and down the stack. New application configuration or infrastructure component available? As a release manager you’ll be notified and you can choose to add it to your test release and see which current releases are impacted by the associated configuration changes.

Wu is also available as a SaaS offering with managed operations support.

Are you a development team that simply needs to be able rapidly integrate and deploy your application to your public or private cloud?

Wu is available as a SaaS offering and the minimally required operational support is available as a managed service by Raindance.

Do you have an off-shore team that needs locally deployed and maintained CI/CD pipeline?

Wu can do it with a locally hosted client ensuring that all provisioned and maintained infrastructure is done so locally in accordance with many industry and tax regulations.


Our team would love to talk to you about how your organization can adopt a DevOps culture and quickly deliver on its value leveraging Wu. Please contact us today for an introductory conversation or demo. Additionally, we offer DevOps assessments for organizations looking for independent advice and guidance on effective cultural, organizational, process and tooling considerations as they make their journey to becoming a more Agile organization.